Basement alternative #2

So you've tried living with your dude bros, and you're still not 100% sold on basement life. Alas, whither then? Another alternative, if you prefer that your ceiling not be another man's floor, is to shack up. Shacking up for fun and profit is as old as - well, it might even pre-date dating itself.   

In the classic shack-up scenario, two upbeat and downright delightful people work full-time so that they can have a view of the tops of parked cars outside their kitchen window instead of looking up into unwashed bumpers. The arrangement works over 35% of the time and can have several beneficial side-benefits, such as having someone handy who will eat what you prepare - sometimes without complaining at all - and who can teach you how to stretch and grow and blossom as you learn to love all their little foibles. Don't think there will be no foibles! Everyone has a few funny little foibles. 

If you find you are perhaps a bit of slow grower and that the foibles are getting the best of you, here are a few suggestions:
  • Take turns enjoying the shack. One of you could work even more than 40 hours a week or could perhaps take a keen interest in long distance slow-walking.
  • Role play. Many itchy domestic situations have been soothed simply by spending half the time pretending you both belong to another species. Ferns have few foibles.   
  • Liberally apply Paul and Art. A little Simon and Garfunkel always helps take the edge off. Or, if the DJ is not feeling super couple-ish, maybe just a little Simon.   

Next week: Feng Shui for hobbits!