Join the super-rich.

Take a good look around and tell me what you see. Not in real life, you goose, on the Internet! Yes, that’s correct - a cursory glance-about will convince you absolutely that the world is divided rather neatly into two groups: the super-rich and you. Why is it so? Well, Democrats say it's the unfortunate circumstances of your birth. Republicans say you're just not working hard enough...and the Freegans say it's because you keep buying stuff. All I know is you can get all sweaty clawing your way to the top, or you can simply apply some Pioneer Spirit and live in a basement for a few years. I chose the non-sweaty path. Suddenly my rent was just $575 - and in only eight months time I was able to buy a really nice bike. Brother I'm here to tell you it felt good! So if you're as serious as I am about becoming super rich, you don't have to work hard at being freegan - just get serious about living in a basement

And with all that dough, high-society romance is sure to follow. 
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You are so funny and maybe some kind of lunatic genius.
I love it! Keep it up... YOu could also get a room-mate and resort yourself
to a couch bed and pretend you are living in SOHO New York and everyone
else lives the same way, except that you are better because some folks in your apartment building have families of 5 sharing two rooms... so you have a one up actually and you only pay a quarter of the rent you used to... and now maybe just maybe you can take that trip to tropical paradise that you so badly want to go on with your daughter. xoxox!
haha, you're getting ahead of us! basement alternatives are coming in a future post.