Non-human life

We all know Nature's Eighth Law: "Any sheltering harbor beneath the ground is OK to crawl into." So if you see ants, beetles, spiders, centipedes, mice, possums, feral cats, or raccoons in your roots-level apartment, do not be alarmed. They are most interested in fresh air and a warm place to sleep, and so are probably just passing through on their way upstairs. 

Just because I believe there's a best way to do everything, here's a handy how-to to keep handy: 

Life form Quick and dirty way Proper method 
Ants Spread cinnamon liberally around wherever you see them.  Trap and release.
Beetles Trap and release. Invite to lunch with the spiders and centipedes.
Spiders, centipedes Ignore them, they are your
Create a welcoming environment
Mice or 
feral cats
See one? Add the other.
Better than Saturday morning TV.
Trap and send to Hollywood.
Raccoons. Just don't make eye contact. *Bait and switch.

*Bait and switch: Leave garbage and food in a place where the raccoon can find it, retreat to a far corner, and don't move. While he busies himself with a snack, grab your sleeping bag and hammock, leave quietly, lock the door, and go live in his former house in the neighbor's oak tree - you'll get more fresh air and he'll be stuck with that noisy dehumidifier. 

Speaking of which, it's time to gear-up on gadgets.

3 responses
I've seen raccoons as big as dogs. I thought they were so cute before ... I'm a firm believer in sticky tape but the gruesome factor is quite high.
No crickets to lull you to sleep? Big fat juicy brown ones, mmmmmmm.
sticky tape! no fun for the critter either...perhaps a deeper basement is all that's required. crickets are fine as long as they leave their banjos alone.